About us

We love what we do and think you will too

Our approach

We value the process of solving hard problems for our clients, so our approach to engagements is a bit different than most agencies. We don’t take on work just to fill the tank, but rather to satisfy our creative desire to produce engaging experiences that truly help our clients grow their businesses. With that being said, one of our core principles at Hetzel Creative is that we only work with a select few clients at a time. That way, our entire creative capacity can be devoted to helping solve the pressing issues at hand. When you work with us, you’ll rest assured knowing that we’re giving you our best.

In order to provide the most benefit to our clients, we choose to work on bi-weekly sprints where we deliver working software every two weeks that can be implemented right away. Our minimum weekly standups ensure that the work being completed is the right work for that week and that we’re delivering the most impactful code for the current situation. We can ensure that you’ll only get solutions from us that directly impact your bottom line. We won’t sell fluffy upsells just for the sake of making money.


All our projects start with a baseline evaluation stage. This usually comes in the form of a project discovery, where we dive deep into your project and provide recommendations on ways to proceed. It can also include an audit, where we dive even deeper into your code and provide exact ways to see some quick benefit in terms of performance or architecture.


Once we’ve agreed on the problems that need solved and what we’ll be working on, we’ll hop on an initial kick-off call and get the ball rolling. Since Hetzel Creative works almost completely remote, communication is one of our biggest strengths.


During the design or development phase, we keep our clients updated frequently with daily Slack standups and weekly standup calls. We want to make sure your expectations are met every step of the way.


Towards the end of of the engagement, our delivery phase is meant to transfer our final solution and knowledge to you. Even if we’re the ones that will be maintaining the site, we want to make sure that you understand the ins and outs of what we built and how to update it.

The team

Trevan Hetzel, along with several other talented developers and designers, make up the Hetzel Creative team. Trevan and his team’s accumulation of knowledge on modern web technologies has led them to pursue the opportunity of helping others succeed using such methods.

Trevan is a front-end engineer with a background in user interface design. He’s lead front-end engineer at Flywheel and maintainer of several OSS projects. Trevan is passionate about scalable responsive design, performance and solving problems through technology.