Modern Web

WordPress theme design & development

Responsive theme design

Modern Web is an established online web technologies publication. We worked with them to provide a design that is in line with their brand guidelines and offers flexibility for their upcoming feature additions. Designed for varying devices, this mobile first website provides an enjoyable and accessible experience for users reading or finding their articles.

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The driving aspect of Modern Web is the quality of content

We built a custom way for Modern Web to build landing pages quickly (and always on brand)

WordPress development

Modern Web had already been using WordPress for their site, so we just started fresh with a new custom theme. The basic functionality of the site doesn’t contain too much crazy unique functionality, so a few custom post types and custom single, archive, author, category and search templates did the trick to get the new design working on all parts of the site.

The consumption of articles on mobile is as fulfilling as on a desktop

All the aspects of a high quality blog are present on every device